After learning that a few optometrist’s charged additional fees for retraction (I didn’t even know what retraction was!), I called Dr. Bold’s office and learned that not only does Dr. Bold not charge any additional fees, these other offices were wrongfully doing so per my VSP insurance. I was pleased to have found a less expensive office, but I was ecstatic when I walked through the door and was greeted by two friendly faces, a professional, yet comfortable office and I was quickly escorted back to see the doctor (no lines, no wait time!).


After a Dr. Bold’s thorough examination, explaining things to me in plain English, assuring I understood what he was doing and what he recommended, and getting to know my personal situation, I felt that Dr. Bold had been my personal doctor for years. He was competent, friendly, detailed, personable I couldn’t ask for anything more!


Once I began looking at frames, I was guided through the process with ease by Dr. Bold’s very capable, welcoming and knowledgeable assistant. She assisted me with choosing a frame, explained my insurance coverage clearly, and when I expressed concern about contacting my insurance about coverage she quickly offered to contact them for me and follow up with me afterward (which she did within a day). I will absolutely return to Dr. Bold and I’ll certainly recommend him and his office to friends and family.

A Note Of Thanks.

Since injuring my eye on a job in Newport Coast I have been under the care of Dr. Bold. His patience and professionalism and been invaluable to me because my business is always taking new clients who rely on my personal service. My attention to detail is what separates my business from the competition and has been the reason why we have remained busy when others may not be quite so. I require my eyesight of course, and it's perhaps not the most professional to turn up looking a little worse for wear. Dr. Bold has been sympathetic and kept a close eye on my recovery. I do not believe without his expert diagnosis,diligent care and referral to his opthamologist that my eye would have healed as fast. It is now in great shape again and I can once more look clients in the eye without fear. Utmost respect and admiration. One of the good guys.

Alan Moha,President. Remodeling Irvine OC.

My name is Mark H. and was visiting Dr. Michael Bold on 3/16/17. I had seen Dr. Bold approximately 8 months previously because I was feeling strange and seeing things a little different. I did not let Dr. Bold dilate my eyes on that visit because it was a late visit. I also saw my primary physician the day before to hopefully help me with the weird feelings I was receiving every day but he did not help much at all.


On 3/16/17 Dr. Bold checked me out and had some very nice glasses issued for me. I paid a good cent for the 2 bifocals and then Dr. Bold wanted to dilate my eyes. After a short period of time Dr. Bold noticed a had a large tumor behind my eyes and said I should go to the ER that night.


Well, I did follow his excellent suggestion and went to the ER that night. They gave me a CAT scan and realized I had a large tumor on the left side of my brain and it was probably growing over the last 2 to 3 years. It was 3.5cm x 5cm and was going toward my spinal column but had not reached my spine as of yet.


All in all I am wanting to say what a complete "super hero" Dr. Bold was for me and all the things he did that had helped change my life completely. I will be out of work for 3 months and returning at the end of March 2018. I will no longer forget peoples and company names and will be so much more productive at work as well as during normal life. Thank you, thank you, thank you VERY MUCH Dr. Bold for all your efforts and the compassion you had shown me when you made the identification of my problem. Again, I will always consider you a super hero and a great doctor!