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Glaucoma Screening In La Palma


Optometrists in Orange County all agree that regular exams play an important role in protecting the long term quality eyesight of local people.



I've heard of Glaucoma, but what is it?


Glaucoma is a disease of the eye which damages the Ocular nerve responsbile for sending messages to the brain. Intraocular pressure can build up inside the eye which becomes uncomfortable.


Oftentimes glaucoma is not diagnosed until the patient starts to complain of a partial loss of vision which makes is it so dangerous. Further vision loss and eventual blindness can follow without correct tratement of the diseased eye.


Am I at risk of Glaucoma?



Orange County Optometry guidelines are that anyone over the age of 40 should have annual Glaucoma screening to detect it before loss of vision or damae to the eye can occur.



Which tests are used to detect the presence of Glaucoma?


Painless tests are used to measure the IOP one of which is the dilation test.



How is Glaucoma treated?



Eye drops are the principal course of action in most cases, they are used to try and decrease the pressure building up in the eye. If applied multiple times per day as directed by the doctor they can be extremely effective in most cases. If eye drops fail to work, surgery will be required to drain the built up fluid in the eye.



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