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La Palma Comprehensive Eye Exams


Dr. Bold offers without doubt the most comprehensive eye exams in Orange County through this practices in La Palma and Newport Beach. Appointments generally last minutes with most optometrists however Dr. Bold insists on spending as much time as is required to ensure each patient receives the very best of care and that corners are not cut. This attention to detail is what sets Dr. Bold and his team apart from other professionals in the local area.

Retaining our reputation as the best Optometrist in Orange County is important to everyone at Bold Optometry. In the quest to achieve this and to remain at the forefront of eye care professionals Dr. Bold puts every patient's wellbeing ahead of the quest to maximize revenue from cramming patients into rushed appointments. Dr Bold believes a patient should expect to spend approx. an hour during a correctly structured comprehensive eye examination.


Bold Optometry is altogether a different place to the normal clinical environment of a doctors office, the ambience is homely, welcoming and relaxing and designed to put all patients at ease for the duration of their visit.


Each eye exam is completed with the latest equipment and with the professionalism you would expect from a leading La Palma Optometrist.



Visual Acuity Tests


To measure near vision a small hand-held acuity chart is used and for distance visual acuity a projected eye chart is required. These are usually some of the first tests performed during a comprehensive eye exam and are used to measure sharpness of vision.  



Color Blindness Test


Hereditary color vision trouble is just one symptom picked up during this test, it can also be a good indicator of overall health of the eye. This test is normally performed as part of a comprehensive eye test.




Cover Test


This test is the most simple and most common according to Dr. Bold. This test involves the patient looking at a small object across the room and one by one covering each eye whilst staring at the object. This test is used to test for fixation problems, lazy eye, strabismus or binocular vision. The test is repeated close to the patient. Further tests may be required after this.