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La Palma Eye Exams for Children


If you are looking for a kids eye doctor in La Palma, there is only one person to visit, his name is Dr. Michael Bold. With decades of experience testing and treating young children and teenagers you can be sure that your child will receive the most complete check-up and in depth analysis during your visit.


Great consideration is given (especially to younger patients) to making the appointment a stress-free experience. Dr. Bold is extremely gentle and sympathetic and takes his time to make sure your child is at ease.


The recommended schedule for children is a first eye exam at age six months, one more at three years old and another at 5 or 6 years. Once in school the recommendation from the American Optometric Association is a further exam every two years or annually in the case of a child wearing contact lenses or glasses.



Children's eye exams are crucial during the early years and throughout adolenscense up to adulthood. Diagonosing problems early is key to better long term eye health. Lazy eye, poorly aligned eyes, strabismus and amblyopia are better treated sooner rather than later.


From the age of 2 Dr. Bold recommends at least annual eye examinations to check eye tracking, depth perception, reading and distance acuity and fixation skills. Children often cannot explain vision problems because they may have always had the issue and consider it "normal" therefore it is important that a qualitied optometrist is seen regularly.